Electrician Weymouth

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Electrician Weymouth – Electrical Faults

If you are experiencing an electrical fault on your circuit it might be due to the age of the wiring, or maybe damage caused by movement or some other reason. Left unchecked electrical faults can pose a fire risk to your home. It is always worth checking electrical faults in more detail to see how they can be rectified. We will inspect and advise on the work required to fix your electrical fault.

Electrician Weymouth – Rewiring

On the basis of what we mentioned above sometimes it is best to rewire the home, so you know you are working with a safe and up to date setup. We will look at the lifestyle use within your home and potentially advise if you need to install more sockets. In older homes less sockets were common leading to people placing extension leads all around the home. It is much safer and tidier for us to place more sockets in the rooms if you are looking to rewire your home. Mention this when we speak to you and we will ensure that you have a solution which is suitable for modern day living.

Electrician Weymouth – Lighting

If you need new lights installed we can also help with this. Commonly people are using single light bulbs less and less and opting for spot lights This gives a more even spread of light around the room, can be much brighter and doesn’t leave people bumping their heads on a lampshade! If you are looking to update or modify your lighting in your home and need a Weymouth electrician to help then give us a call or drop us an enquiry below and we will be more than happy to help.

Electrician Weymouth – Extending your circuit

If you are looking to extend your current circuit we will need to check on the type of use you have currently to ensure that you have a high enough ampage to your existing circuit. If not we can liaise with the electricity company to ask them to increase this, since if your main fuse blows you will be without electricity until the energy company arrives! With this clarified we can help you extend your circuit allowing you to access electricity in more points around your home. If you have a question or query about this service please contact our team for more information.

Electrician Weymouth – Get a quote

Get a quote today for an electrician in Weymouth. We will provide you with a fair, competitive quote, as well as good customer service and honest advice. We look forward to speaking to you regarding your electrical project.