We provide flat roofing solutions for a number of applications such as extensions, dormers, garden rooms & more. If you need a flat roof completing, no matter the size, we can help. We have experience in building flat roof extensions and the roof element is something we also cater for. Therefore we can either help with just your flat roof itself, or the entire build of your extension.

Flat roofing Weymouth – our recommendations

We would recommend using GRP rubber roofing. It is well priced, easy to install, and lasts for up to 50+ years. It is almost guaranteed not to leak since the roof will be a single, entire sheet. Therefore water simply cannot penetrate any area. The flat roof construction will need to be at a very slight angle to allow the water to run off, however we can assist with that and ensure that the construction of the wooden roof is correct before installing. If you need we can also provide the timber construction of the flat roof, plus any brick work with is also needed to bring the roof to the correct height. We can also finish the roof with soffits and fascias, as well as any new guttering needed to remove rain. This can be connected to main drains or a soak away where appropriate.
Most people would like to know the cost of completing a flat roof project, however it can depend on other elements such as if scaffolding is needed, what the size of the roof will be, the thickness of the rubber and if there are any roof lanterns that will need to be added. This can increase the complexity of the project and will change how long it will take for the project to be completed. On that basis we need to ideally see some drawings of the proposed work or at very least an idea of the dimensions and finish of the roof, allowing us to make the quote more accurate for you.
To get a quote all we need are dimensions or drawings and we can do the rest. If you complete the form below or give us a call one of our friendly roofing team can help you through the process and get your flat roofing project completed.