If you have a roof repair in Weymouth we can help with the process. We approach most of our roof repairs the same and most of the time repair projects are quick and hassle free. To give you an idea this tends to be the typical process for assessing and carrying out a roof repair project.

  1. Roof repair – Identify the cause of the issue
  2. Check if scaffolding is required to fix
  3. Check what materials will be required to fix
  4. If materials will take time then we may look at a temporary solution to prevent leaks
  5. Estimate time to perform repairs
  6. Provide Quote
  7. Carry out works
  8. Remove old materials and clean site

Our roofers are skilled so are experienced with any type of roof repairs. We can provide quotes quickly and carry out a site visit if needed to help identify any further repairs which may be needed. Sometimes the home owner may not be aware of other areas of damage on the roof when we attend so we can highlight other potential issues. If these are not causing any bother we will leave them, however some people prefer to carry out all tasks in a single repair.

Our work is guaranteed, we carry out our job to a high standard to make sure your home is secure. We will also ask you to check and inspect the work or where access is difficult can take video and imagery of the work carried out to show you the result.
As well as repairing roofs, we can also repair other elements around the roofs, such as guttering, soffits and fascias, giving you peace of mind that your roof will be left in a good condition. We can also repoint chimneys and ensure they are secure since over time chimneys can become a risk due to their age.
Ask us for a quote for your roof repair at your property in Weymouth. We will be more than happy to look at it no matter what size the property is. Speak to us today and we will issue a quote as quickly as possible. Where needed we can come and inspect your property free of charge to provide you with a more accurate quote and allow you to meet our friendly team before any work is carried out.