For scaffolding solutions speak to us, we have years of experience with the projects we complete for setup and removal of scaffolding. For commercial and residential we can provide scaffolding which is quickly ready for use by ours and other trades people. We can also add additional safety measures if near public footpaths and so forth, to ensure that your scaffolding is protecting the people around it.
We can setup your scaffolding in a quick timeframe, meaning that your trades people can be ready to work within a short period. We can also provide other services relating to the scaffolding if needed, such as roofing and cleaning, depending on the purpose of the scaffold. We will explain the process to you clearly and let you know in advance of any potential issues before erecting to allow you to make any necessary amends to your plans. We can also quickly remove scaffolding once work is completed and charge a fair price. Speak to us for more information about this.

Scaffolding Weymouth – New Builds

If you are looking to build a new home or commercial premises we can install the scaffolding in stages as the building work progresses. This can then also be reduced in time as the extension is completed or completely removed when no longer needed. Whatever your requirements let us know and we can accommodate.

Scaffolding Weymouth – Extensions

For extensions we are happy to setup scaffolding of any size. Let us know the size and timings of your scaffolding and we will provide you with a quote. If you contact us using the form below or give us a call to provide more details we will be able to make your quote as accurate as possible.
Some projects will require the roof to be removed, in which case a covered scaffolding can be required to keep rain from entering the building, it will ensure that work can also resume during bad weather conditions. This method of scaffolding may be more expensive to have however the time you need it for may be greatly reduced. This means that you can potentially save money if building during wetter seasons, by not prolonging the build time.
Get a quote for scaffolding for your building project. We will happily look at projects of any size and are happy to project manage the process. Simply give us a call or drop us a message below and we will be happy to help.